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ליגות וטורנירים

We  developing an original system for managing gaming leagues and online tournaments and events
And manages the official PlayStation League in Israel

ניהול שחקנים

We work directly with the leading gamers in the market


manage leading players and YouTubers at home


The company also specializes in content and marketing campaigns for young people online and at events


The list of artists is updated from time to time for details and the updated list of artists contact us

ניהול אירועים

riginal and exclusive content for events
Design consulting and technical solutions for events, including
equipment rental
Simulation of the compound in 3D
Business connections
And exclusive solutions in the gaming world

רק כמה מהלקוחות שכבר סומכים עלינו

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

פלייזון בע׳׳מ  -  משנת 2005 עם מאות לקוחות ואלפי שחקנים בישראל